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10-Part Series: "The Journey Towards Value, Finding Wellness In the Uncertainty"

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Due to the current status of the world, it has been difficult to obtain new guests as easily as before. In addition, with some parts of the USA opening up, depending on guests to be available as regularly as I would like has been very challenging.

I started this journey with podcasting with the goal of a new Story of Recovery each week and I thought that was bold. Next, with Covid-19, it sparked an idea of a new series--Robert's Corner--focusing on current events and how they impact our community, wellness, and recovery.

So Revive Ministries Podcast came from 4 episodes a typical month to 12 episodes. I like the momentum this has brought. Despite not being able to book as many guests as I like, I still want to follow the same upload schedule: Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays.

So I decided in attempting a 10-part series. The first episode will upload on June 9th and will go on until June 30th, which will be the last episode of this particular series.

Nearing the end of this 10-part series, I will share with you all that will happen after June 30th. Rest assured, I will continue making episodes and podcasting.

Thanks for listening.

Robert Colón

Founder and Creator of Revive Ministries and Host on Revive Ministries Podcast

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