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New Year... New Direction

Revive Ministries started with an idea to showcase stories of recovery that are seldom displayed to inspire hope in our communities. It started with a vision to reach my local community by providing events locally. I had hope to reach more than my local community. Last October I began that journey with podcasting. I felt listing the topics by name was important such as mental health, substance use disorder and etc. However, hearing the stories of recovery a whole year inching towards 100 episodes. I realized something wellness doesn't need a label. It needs a safe place to share. My struggles for a long time were feeling overlooked and not heard.

Revive Ministries mission is still the same but I don't attach any specific label to its focus except that Revive Ministries' goal is to inspire hope from the stories told every Thursday.

However, as we all now know that the one constant is change. Revive Ministries strives to continue to answer the question "Why Should We Care?" while inspiring hope to those listening and watching. Revive Ministries is not about me our my story but all our stories that matters. I would love to inspire more to share. Future plans may require some serious traveling but I have hope. Serving and providing this safe place to be heard has been the most healing experience I could ever expect.

If you are interested in being a guest, I encourage you to just write an email with no string attached to

Thank you for all your support and again thank you for listening.

“Communication sometimes is not what you first hear, listen not just to the words, but listen for the reason.”

Catherine Pulsifer

It's not about where you are right now but where you’re going.

Everyone plays a part which means the environment needs to be safe to be wrong to foster the willingness

The willingness to get help

The willingness to listen

The room to heal”

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